The Literacy Council

The Williamson County Literacy Council provides programs, classes and teachers in support of adults wanting to improve their circumstances by achieving their high school equivalency degree.

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We are a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to enriching and transforming the lives of adults in Williamson County, TN, through free programs that encourage and enable our clients to read, write, and employ basic math skills. Our vision is that everyone in Williamson County has the ability to enjoy reading experiences and to use literacy as the gateway to a better life.
Learn about the Literacy Council of Williamson County, how it came to be, and its wide array of community offerings from Rita Dozier, Executive Director, as she talks with Dolores Greenwald, Director of Williamson County Public Library, on “Not Just Books” (Episode #009, 3:00 – 10:15).


Our Contribution (RESULTS)

Last year the Literacy Council helped more than 800 people improve their literacy skills or advance their education. Even so, over 4,000 adults in Williamson County have less than a 9th grade education. Many can barely read or can not read at all. The need is great.

Did you know?
The Literacy Council provides books to Meals on Wheels participants who request books. Call Meals on Wheels for Williamson County TN at (615) 790-9287 to request a book.

Be a Contributor (VOLUNTEER)

The Literacy Council needs your gifts and talents. Join us in providing practical, meaningful assistance to adults who struggle with literacy problems.

  • Wouldn’t you like to feel the gratification and fulfillment that comes from helping others improve their quality of life through building basic literacy skills?
  • Are you willing and able to help adult learners prepare for the GED or work with learners of English as a second language (ESL)?
  • Do you have mentoring skills that you are longing to use?
  • Would you enjoy spending time reading to seniors and engaging with them in life long learning?
  • Or is fund raising and event planning your passion?

We have a compelling cause for people with a desire to make a contribution to their community and to themselves.

Make a Contribution (GIVE)

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